Spring 2015 Exhibition – “Wings”


Celebrate Spring with new works by Georgi Andonov

Busy decorating for Spring and Summer? Are you searching for a perfect focal point, ‘pop’ of colour or statement piece?  We were, and Georgi Andonov provided a brilliant solution with his latest paintings.

The ‘Bird Series’ explores a contemporary approach to some of our favourite birds.
These winged wonders have captured the hearts of artists and poets for centuries.
Georgi celebrates the species from the humble sparrow to the majestic hawk.

He expertly layers colour and texture capturing the vibrancy of each feather. But for us, the scale of each expertly painted canvas makes these works majestic masterpieces. They are ‘Must haves’ for your home or business!

Priced from £3,000 – £12,000

Georgi Andonov is a mid-career artist and internationally collected painter who combines his classical training with his contemporary spirit.

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