Cambridge City Art Fair – Talks & Presentations

Blue Contemporary Director, Marlo Gilbert will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday at the Cambridge City Art Fair. CCAF14 is featuring a series of talks and presentations. The talks will kick off with Marlo speaking at 11 am on both day and the topic is ‘How to Buy Art’

Marlo has presented this lecture on multiple occasions in Los Angeles and most recently at the Cambridge Art Networks “How to make art work for your business” event.

Are you considering investing in a piece of fine art?  Are you looking for a painting or sculpture to place in your home, business or purchase as an investment?

For the uninitiated, buying art can be a daunting process. Starting out with so much selection and no strategy can quickly lead to overload. This talk will help you successfully navigate your way through the aisles of the Cambridge City Art Fair. It will also provide useful knowledge that will help you walk into the most intimidating galleries with confidence. Even the savvy collector can walk away with a few tips.

Marlo Gilbert is the former Director and Curator for the William Merrill Gallery in Los Angeles and owner of Blue Contemporary in the UK. She will help identify your buying type and present her tried and true, ‘4-step Blue-print’ that will empower you to make decisive selections and elevate any guesswork.

This is an informative and fun presentation that will arm you with a strategy for buying fine art if you are a first time buyer or seasoned collector.

Join Marlo at the Cambridge City Art Fair, 10th & 12th October at 11am at the Guildhall in the historic city centre.  To sign up for the How to buy art presentation and more information about the Cambridge City Art Fair, click on this link Cambridge City Art Fair