Spring 2015 Exhibition – “Wings”


Celebrate Spring with new works by Georgi Andonov

Busy decorating for Spring and Summer? Are you searching for a perfect focal point, ‘pop’ of colour or statement piece?  We were, and Georgi Andonov provided a brilliant solution with his latest paintings.

The ‘Bird Series’ explores a contemporary approach to some of our favourite birds.
These winged wonders have captured the hearts of artists and poets for centuries.
Georgi celebrates the species from the humble sparrow to the majestic hawk.

He expertly layers colour and texture capturing the vibrancy of each feather. But for us, the scale of each expertly painted canvas makes these works majestic masterpieces. They are ‘Must haves’ for your home or business!

Priced from £3,000 – £12,000

Georgi Andonov is a mid-career artist and internationally collected painter who combines his classical training with his contemporary spirit.

Explore the Bird Series and other works by Georgi Andonov at





Blue Contemporary Artists Tyler & Jane Burton in Documentary

For over ten years filmmaker Dale Schierholt has examined the unique world of the visual artist by telling the stories of some of the art world’s most renowned figures. In addition to telling the stories of many recognizable names he has also been offering the same intimate portraits of several emerging artists across the country. In Burton to Burton, Schierholt, for the first time, is telling the story of two artists in one film. The film takes us inside the studios of California sculptors and sisters Jane Burton and Tyler Burton and offers viewers insight into the inspirations and motivations of these compelling artists’ work. By profiling two creative personalities in one film and intercutting these two stories into one narrative, Schierholt is also exploring the common thread that runs through the artistic persona – one in this case that is heightened by the sibling bond.


Click here for the film preview

Jane Burton Gallery

E Tyler Burton Gallery





Cambridge City Art Fair – Talks & Presentations

Blue Contemporary Director, Marlo Gilbert will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday at the Cambridge City Art Fair. CCAF14 is featuring a series of talks and presentations. The talks will kick off with Marlo speaking at 11 am on both day and the topic is ‘How to Buy Art’

Marlo has presented this lecture on multiple occasions in Los Angeles and most recently at the Cambridge Art Networks “How to make art work for your business” event.

Are you considering investing in a piece of fine art?  Are you looking for a painting or sculpture to place in your home, business or purchase as an investment?

For the uninitiated, buying art can be a daunting process. Starting out with so much selection and no strategy can quickly lead to overload. This talk will help you successfully navigate your way through the aisles of the Cambridge City Art Fair. It will also provide useful knowledge that will help you walk into the most intimidating galleries with confidence. Even the savvy collector can walk away with a few tips.

Marlo Gilbert is the former Director and Curator for the William Merrill Gallery in Los Angeles and owner of Blue Contemporary in the UK. She will help identify your buying type and present her tried and true, ‘4-step Blue-print’ that will empower you to make decisive selections and elevate any guesswork.

This is an informative and fun presentation that will arm you with a strategy for buying fine art if you are a first time buyer or seasoned collector.

Join Marlo at the Cambridge City Art Fair, 10th & 12th October at 11am at the Guildhall in the historic city centre.  To sign up for the How to buy art presentation and more information about the Cambridge City Art Fair, click on this link Cambridge City Art Fair










Artist Reception & Private View for Michael Azgour in Cambridge

Michael Azgour

Speeding By

July 2 – 13

A series of new works inspired by the Tour de France


Please join us for an evening of art, wine and an opportunity to meet Michael who is travelling to the UK just for the event

Private View July 9,  6-10 pm

Changing Spaces Unit 22,

Grafton Centre, Cambridge

Free and Open to the Public







Michael Azgour’s “Carmen” featured in Cambridge Bid Exhibition

Cambridge International Arts is curating a bike exhibition in conjunction with Cambridge Bid & Cambridge Contemporary Art. Cambridge is hosting the Grand Depart of the Tour de France on July 7th. Cambridge Contemporary Art sits on the route and will feature art inspired by bikes. Michael Azgour’s ‘Carmen’ will be included in the exhibition.

Ride to Cambridge

28 June – 9 July

Private view  June 28th at

Cambridge Contemporary Art
6 Trinity Street

Featured Artists: Michael Azgour , Elizabeth Fraser, Jane Hellings, Caroline Jaine, Andy McKenzie, Susie Olczak & Sue Sheppherd, Ruth Schmid and Fiona Henderson, Janice Wilkins

For more information on Michael and the organizers of the exhibition please click on the links below:

Michael Azgour Artist Gallery

Cambridge International Arts

Cambridge Bid

Cambridge Contemporary Art




British Abstract Painter, Anji Main Joins Blue Contemporary

We are thrilled to announce Anji Main has joined Blue Contemporary.


Anji Main: “My work explores the dynamic possibilities that arise from the use of the body in making marks on canvas.  I have a background in dance, and I started by making graphic notes of my observations watching other dancers, particularly breakdancers, as well as experimenting with my own movements as I applied paint to canvas.

It was not my intention to represent movement, so much as to attempt to penetrate the spaces between frames, so to speak, in movement.  What happens in the transition between one gesture and the next?  What, indeed, is movement?  How do we get from here to there?

In a painting, all the gestures that make up the brush and body strokes on the canvas exist at once, simultaneously.  This is expressed in a multi-layering of image and pigment.  My paintings are made very carefully in this fashion, built up layer by layer, and then sometimes reduced and built up again.  The result can often be very complex, it draws the observer into a multidimensional field of action, maybe in a similar fashion to the way that the dancer draws the eye of the spectator in performance.  I think of my paintings as performances that somehow stand outside time, where all the temporal elements exist simultaneously, leaving the eye free to explore their dimensions at will, in any order that presents itself, subjectively, to the viewer.”








Save the Date: Grafton Centre Unit 7 Private View

Join Changing Spaces, The artists of Changing Spaces Projects & selected works of Blue Contemporary Artists for a private view. It is free and open to the public. Both the lower and upper galleries will be open. There will be two bands, video installations, MA Student projects and individual works by various artist.


Reception & Private View:
Friday, June 6, 2014

The Grafton Unit 7 (next to Boots)
46 Grafton Centre,