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Blue Contemporary is a UK based Art Dealer and Consultancy specializing in original, contemporary works of art from the Americas as well as international artists from around the globe.

Blue Contemporary presents established and well collected North & South American, contemporary artists in the UK and Europe. Our focus is to establish long-term relationships with collectors and new buyers. We excel at assisting new and seasoned collectors through the acquisition process.

It gives us great pleasure to share our mid-career, ascending, contemporary artists who are actively pursuing their careers with art buyers worldwide. Most of our artists are collected globally and many have museum acquisitions including the V&A.



Marlo Gilbert established Blue Contemporary after she moved to the United Kingdom from Los Angeles in 2012.

“I am passionate about bring people and art together.”

Prior to her move, she was the Director and Curator for the prestigious William Merrill Gallery in California and has been active as a dealer ever since. 

“My favourite moment is when you see that spark of connection between the client and a painting or sculpture. I get to watch people fall in love everyday.”

She has organized numerous exhibitions, written accompanying catalogus and lectured at: Laguna College of Art & Design, Cambridge Arts Network, Taylor Vinters and the Cambridge Art Fair.

She has been a contributing writer in American Art Collector Magazine. Marlo also presents lectures including: ‘How to Buy Art’, ‘Demystifying the Art World’ and ‘The Business of Art for Artists’.

“I’ve given many lectures on how to buy art. In my experience, people fall into one of four main classifications. I call it the 4-L’s: Love, Like, Loath & Lost. If I can shift just one person’s perception on a piece that challenges them, I’ve done my job.”




Blue Contemporary’s Art Advisory Service is designed to work with you every step of the way on your art acquisition. Whether you are a new or established collector we assist in every aspect of the formation and maintenance of your art collection.

Our advisory service allows us to lend our professional assistance to help you make intelligent decisions about art acquisitions. We combine first-hand knowledge and over 10 years experience in the art market. We offer individuals our expertise by way of intricate art research, well-established connections with the art market in the US, UK and abroad.

The New Collectortoggle

We provide professional expertise tailored to meet your specific needs and interests. We assess your personal objectives and tastes to determine a personalized strategy for your art selections. The criteria for the selections of artworks are based upon your aesthetic preferences, a determined budget, and your space. We can set up an in-home consultation to establish your art needs and requirements.

The Established Collectortoggle

Many people collect entirely on their own, seeking advice from dealers in their respective field of interest, and many enjoy success and great pleasure approaching collecting this way. A key benefit of choosing to work with the independent art advisor is the promise of the advisor’s objectivity in the advice and counsel.

Many serious art collectors are over-committed with their time and /or may desire client confidentiality preferring to do business anonymously through our art advisory firm. Through our extensive networking, attendance of exhibitions, art fairs and working in international venues, our art advisory services would locate artworks on your behalf in response to your specific requests.

The Corporate Collectortoggle

Expansion and growth - it doesn't matter what part of the country you survey, new corporate art collections are being formed, existing collections are being added to, and new buildings are under construction. Corporate art collecting has become an established element in the art world. One of the most important emerging trends in recent years is the way in which a corporation's artwork has become an important part of the company's overall image. We understand the role of art in the workplace. We offer high standards and ethics, and years of professional experience placing artwork in leading corporate collections.

Blue Contemporary


Marlo Gilbert

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